Industrial grade oil resistant steel hose

Industrial grade oil resistant steel hose

1) Industrial grade oil resistant steel hose

Features and Applications: Made of non-toxic materials, smooth and transparent as a mirror. Wear resistance, chemical resistance and good, in the vacuum and high pressure state can maintain the prototype. Especially for liquid, gas and other materials, high-pressure delivery and powder, powder suction, widely used in factories, construction, civil engineering, terminals, oil depots and other fields.

Structure: lined with galvanized steel wire to strengthen, both inside and outside smooth and transparent;

Temperature range: about -20 ℃ to +65 ℃ Material: high quality PVC;

Note: other wall thickness, length, specifications can be customized;

2) Industrial grade oil resistant steel hose. Ink resistant organic solvent anti – static hose


Can not be easily crushed: high temperature (65 ℃) under the conditions of pressure delivery, vacuum delivery OK does not break any odor and taste; smooth inner wall is not sticky water; can be high temperature sterilization and autoclaving; high heat / cold resistance: can be used – 20 to 80 ° C in a wide range.


  • Features: antibacterial and hydrolytic, very good chemical resistance; extreme anti-wear;
  • Construction: with strong elastic stainless steel wire wrapped in the middle of the hose, can be anti-static; inner wall smooth; thick wall, high pressure resistance, good corrosion resistance.
  • Manufactured in a filtered clean room;
  • In the production of cleaning, sealed in the polymerization bag;
  • Quality control procedures are filed;
  • Effective packaging can be established upon request;
  • Can use normal length, color, 316 stainless steel sanitary fittings, hose assembly and packaging

Note: other wall thickness, length, size, can be customized;


3) Industrial grade oil resistant steel hose

PVC steel hose industrial grade

(Special transport industrial water, oil, sewage, powder, chemical raw materials, etc.)

Product specifications: diameter 20mm-200mm

Product color: transparent color, plus wire

Material: PVC

Product attributes: excellent cost-effective (patented technology, can be compressed with thin film packaging, low transport costs and damage risk, storage space occupied the least), excellent flow performance good chemical resistance, bending degree and the same diameter.

White PVC transparent steel hose Product use: wire spring hose is mainly used for mechanical equipment, environmental protection equipment, medical equipment, and high temperature pressure, oil and alkali, non-toxic and tasteless.

Wall material: PVC, spiral wire, spring stainless steel wire.

Product structure: elastic stainless steel and hose wall as a whole.

Advantages: high strength, can be bent, no hard elbow, can reduce the wind resistance, integration molding, oil and other corrosive liquid body, easy aging and so on.