Literacy of PVC steel wire hose

Literacy of PVC steel wire hose

PVC steel wire hose, that is, we often say that the PVC steel wire reinforced hose, the hose for the three layer structure, inside and outside two layer is a soft PVC plastic, the middle layer is steel wire reinforced structure, or wire mesh or spiral steel wire, so the formation of the hose also has a number of call.


Steel wire hose is divided into various materials in production, and different materials use special features

Profile of PVC steel wire hose:
Namely, PVC steel wire hose, PVC wire reinforcement hose, PVC wire spiral reinforcement hose, PVC wire mesh reinforcement hose, PVC wire mesh hose etc. In fact, it is the enhanced steel layer that is added internally to cause the PVC hose to change in strength, anti-distortion, quality and other aspects to modify or enhance the PVC hose.

PVC steel wire hose is a new type of PVC reinforced material, which has been improved greatly in compressive strength and hardness. How heavy is the main in steel hose production, the main types of steel hose in the market are low-voltage high pressure steel hose, steel hose, steel wire frame such as hose and transparent wire, using different ways in different environment, including new PVC steel hose is now the most widely used products.

The main purpose:

PVC steel wire hose according to use can be divided into industrial grade (special conveying water, oil, sewage, powder, chemical raw materials, etc.) and food grade (food factory conveying fruit juice, milk, water, brewery conveying liquor, beer, etc.), wind power generation, drainage, oil absorption, low concentration of chemicals and other liquid and solid particles, powder material. The material itself must be “non-corrosive” and “low-concentration chemicals”.

PVC hose for embedded steel wire frame. The inner and outer walls are transparent, smooth and free of air bubbles. Low concentration of acid and alkali, high elasticity, non-aging, long service life; High pressure, under high pressure vacuum can maintain the original shape.

1. High elastic, high-strength galvanized wire, high quality PVC synthetic materials;
2. Clear and transparent tube body with good flexibility and small bending radius;
3. High negative pressure, corrosion resistance, non-toxic materials, long service life;
4. Applied to agricultural water pump machinery, oil depot, petrochemical equipment, industry, engineering mines, food manufacturing and other fields
Liquid, gas, oil, dust absorption. Most work environments can replace rubber hose.
Temperature range: – 10 ℃ ~ + 90 ℃
Work pressure: 0.4mpa, blasting pressure: 1.2mpa

Material specification:

PVC wire hoses are mainly divided into: threading hose, drainage hose, ventilation hose, shower hose, wire harness.

The main materials are: stainless steel hose, metal hose, corrugated hose, rubber hose, plastic hose. The main galvanized steel belt, stainless steel belt, PA, PE, PP, etc. Purpose: mechanical manufacturing, electrical.

The protection of insulated hose insulation, lighting equipment, automobile manufacturing, aviation equipment, subway, train, automatic control, etc. Features: good flexibility, anti-distortion, good bending performance, can withstand heavier load; Acid resistant, lubricating oil, coolant, etc., the surface has the luster, resistance to friction. It can withstand the weight of the foot, does not break, does not change, can recover quickly, and itself without any damage. Stainless steel hose stainless steel hose mainly refers to the material made of 304 stainless steel or 301 stainless steel hose. Purpose: electrical wire protection for automatic instrument signal.

Stainless steel hose assembly hose. Stainless steel hose used to protect precise optical feet and protect sensor lines. It has good softness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, tensile resistance and water resistance. And provide a certain shielding effect. Metal hose metal hose mainly refers to a spiral corrugated hose; The other is a circular bellows.

The metal hose spiral corrugated pipe is the tubular shell that corrugated in spiral shape, and there is a spiral Angle between adjacent circles. All the ripples can be connected by a spiral.

The circular corrugated pipe is a tubular shell with a closed circle, and the waves and waves are connected by circles. The ring corrugated pipe is formed by seamless tube or welded tube. The single-tube length is usually shorter than the spiral bellows. The advantages of ring bellows are that they are elastic and small. Corrugated hose corrugated hose as a flexible pressure pipe fittings installed in the liquid delivery system, to compensate for pipe or machinery, equipment to connect the displacement of each corrugated hose to absorb vibration energy and can play a role reducing vibration, sound, etc, has good flexible, lightweight, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, high and low temperature resistant characteristics. Plastic hoses of plastic hose are divided into two kinds. One is completely airtight and watertight, for example, the propellant used to carry the rocket, gas, water heater. Another plastic hose is used with continuous winding, ordinary winding corrugated pipe is used to protect cable, such as magnetic card phone, machine tool, the desk lamp of corrugated pipe is in the process of production into the wire. Rubber hose rubber hose.

Identify strengths and weaknesses:

In most cases, there are no detection tools and detection conditions. We can identify the quality of PVC steel wire tubes according to the visual, olfactory, tactile, etc.

1. Observe whether the cavity rules and wall thickness are uniform. Good quality PVC steel wire tube and outer edge are standard circular tube wall distribution. At 89 mm thickness of 7 mm diameter PVC steel wire hose as an example of the wall at the thickest of poor quality can reach 7.5 mm the thinnest place of only 5.5 mm work under high pressure hose wall easily uneven in PVC wire tube burst or deformation affect normal use.
2. Observe whether the wall of PVC steel hose has bubbles or other visible objects are colorless and transparent. High quality PVC steel hose wall crystal clear without any impurities. However, the color yellowing of the secondary PVC steel wire may be caused by improper handling, aging or long-term improper storage during the production process.
3. High quality PVC steel hose with no smell of any other petrochemical products except a few plastic odors. The bad smell of diesel fumes is especially difficult to get close to in the hot summer months.
4. High quality PVC steel hose wall with smooth feel and low quality control.
5. When measuring the wall thickness, the two ends of the PVC steel wire tube should be taken as the sample test to prevent some illegal manufacturers from doing the actual wall thickness on both ends of the hose.
6. The strength and toughness of steel wire measured by repeated folding steel wire on both ends of PVC steel wire tube are measured. A steel wire with poor quality can break in one or two, and the steel wire of high quality PVC steel wire needs special tools to cut off. The quality of the steel wire determines the quality of the whole tube because of the steel wire causing the quality problem of PVC steel wire hose is easy to occur unrecoverable deformation.