PVC pipe drain

PVC pipe drain

PVC pipe drain

PVC tube drainage pipe based on the health level of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as the main raw material, adding suitable amount of stabilizer, lubricant, filler, toner, etc by the plastic extruder extrusion molding and injection molding machine, through cooling and solidifying, finalize the design, testing, packaging and other processes to complete the production of pipes, pipe fittings.

Chinese name PVC pipe drainpipe

Foreign names PVC tube drainage tube

Use material underground pipe PVC pipe ABS

Production standard GB/t5836.1-2006

Product advantage pipeline safety factor higher

The outer diameter of common specification is 32mm, 40mm, etc

Common specification editor

Commonly used PVC pipe drains general specification is as follows: nominal diameter: 32 mm, 40 mm to 50 mm and 75 mm, 90 mm, 110 mm, 125 mm, 160 mm, 180200 mm, 250 mm, 315 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, 630 mm, and other general PVC -u pipe length of 4 m or 6 m, other length is determined by supply and demand both sides talks things over.

Performance indicators

Use the material

PVC tube ABS (UPVC) CPVC (post-chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) PP (polypropylene)

Product advantages

1. The surface hardness and tensile strength of pipe are excellent, and the pipeline safety factor is high.

2. Good aging resistance, normal service life can be up to 50 years.

3. Excellent corrosion resistance of inorganic acid, alkali and salt, suitable for industrial sewage discharge and delivery.

4. The friction resistance coefficient is small, the water flow is smooth, it is not easy to clog, and the maintenance work is low.

5. High material oxygen index, self-extinguishing.

6. Pipeline small linear expansion coefficient of 0.07 mm / ℃, affected by the temperature deformation is small. The thermal conductivity and elastic modulus are small, which are better than cast iron drainpipe.

7. The connection of pipe and fittings can be adhered to. The construction method is simple, easy to operate and high efficiency.

8. Good water tightness: the installation of PVC-U pipe material, whether using adhesion or rubber ring connection, has good watertightness.

Installation instructions

1. Saw pipe and groove:

The length of the saw tube shall be determined according to the actual measurement and the size of the pipe fittings. The saw tube tools should be used with the tools such as serrated saw, cutter and pipe cutting machine. The fracture should be flat and no deformation at the cross section. The bayonet file is used to file 15o~30o groove. The length of groove is not less than 3mm, and the thickness of the groove should be 1/3~1/2 of the thickness of the pipe wall. After the groove is finished, the debris should be cleared.

2. Protection of socket interface:

After the socket connection is connected, the extruded adhesive should be cleaned with a cotton yarn or a dry cloth with a little acetone. According to the performance of adhesive and the weather condition until the interface solidifies. The curing time should be extended appropriately during winter construction.

Design method

Formula design of plastic tube

1. Technology and design principles of PVC pipe material

(1) resin should choose PVC-SC5 resin or PVC-SG4 resin, which is the polyvinyl chloride resin with polymerization degree of 1200 ~ 1000.

(2) the thermal stability system must be added. According to the actual requirement of production, the synergistic effect and antagonistic effect of heat stabilizer are paid attention to.

(3) the impact modifier must be added. CPE and ACR impact modifier can be selected. According to the other composition of the formula and the plasticizing ability of extruder, the quantity is 8 ~ 12. CPE has low price and wide source, ACR is resistant to aging and high welding Angle.

Requirements for construction of drainage pipes

First, the subgrade of the subgrade unit shall be buried in a horizontal subdivision drain.

Slot: according to the drawings and measuring personnel layout, the design of pile position manually slot. PE pipe groove width than pipe diameter slightly 1 ~ 2 cm wide, groove depth of road bed. 23 cm below the surface of tank requirement inside away from the midline 10 cm long, lateral to the slope, excavation section into the ditches interior wall. Trough slope to drop by transverse slope drainage, must not reverse slope, ensure the water to the outside of the roadbed road. To stay before slotting, ensure that straight.

3. Takeover: the two interfaces of each PVC pipe must be tightened after the rubber ring to avoid leakage [1].

4. Lower pipe: clean the bottom of the groove, connect the tube with the slot, and put the tube into the slot, and the end of the side of the central dividing belt will be used to prevent the debris from entering the pipe and cause the blockage.

Five, backfill: select the excavation of the fine grained soil backfill, or use sand backfill, must eliminate big stones, backfill to artificial ramming, after the end face of backfill shall not be higher than that of road bed, lower road bed surface is 1 ~ 2 centimeters advisable, otherwise will be pressure to water flat vehicle.

6. Cleaning: after the backfill, the remaining soil should be cleaned up immediately and cleaned up the road. The PE pipes should be concentrated in the designated places such as soil and soil, and must not be unloaded on the road.

After seven, fill section at the bottom of the base construction, on the brush good slope at the outlet, in accordance with the design size, the outlet of the cast-in-place trapezoidal plate, plate using shape wood pattern casting, casting made before the slope, and nail into three 25 cm long bamboo stick, and stability.

Eight, to pay attention to in the low vertical curve of the route to ensure that there are drainage pipe, to ensure that the road is not water. Super high pressure pipe buried requirements in fill road, road bed after submit in time according to the position of the drawings design measure lofting set pipeline and well location, artificial cooperate with small mining machinery slot, the bottom of the channel slope comply with the design requirements, ensure the smooth drainage groove width not less than, groove width is not less than design 47 cm, digging out the residual cleaned up and transported away without delay. In the fill section, in order to ensure the pipe roof covering thickness, to ensure that the PVC pipe is not crushed, the bottom of the channel to reduce 20 cm. On the rocky excavation section of high embankment, stay subbase again after the completion of the construction.

The application of PVC drainpipe in indoor rainwater drainage

PVC pipes have been widely used in various industries, PVC drain its main material is PVC, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has strong heat resistance and corrosion resistance, which is why one cause of the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is widely used.

For the purpose to make a building facade is more beautiful indoor rainwater drainage system get more and more widely used. Indoor water pipe generally is designed according to the free surface flow, but because of the rain flow sometimes larger and more concentrated, and gravity flow and pressure in the pipeline flow two states, therefore require indoor water pipe drainage pipeline compression performance is stronger than others.

PVC pipes is a traditional drainage pipe of substitute products, with better physical and chemical properties. Its inner surface is smooth, than conventional drainage material of the friction resistance is small, so little gradient horizontal pipe installation, is able to enhance the ceiling height of the building. At the same time, the PVC pipes weight is lighter, for one 5 of the cast iron pipe, easy to transport and operation; Using adhesive connection, convenient installation and maintenance; The price is lower than conventional drainage pipes, which greatly reduces project cost. Corrosion resistance is strong, very commonly used in building sewage effluent and rain water piping system. In addition, the widespread use of PVC pipes is beneficial to save steel, to alleviate the shortage of our country iron and steel situation has very important significance. Compared with cast iron pipe, steel pipe, PVC -u drain the low pressure, the problem of weak shock resistance. In addition, PVC -u drain is flame retardant material, but for indoor Ming fu pipeline, there is the fire spread upward along the drainage riser.

The line expansion coefficient of PVC drainpipe is large, and expansion joints need to be installed in the construction to solve its telescopic problems. According to the calculation formula of the expansion of PVC – U drainage pipe caused by the change of ambient temperature, the calculation formula is:

Delta L = l. a. the At

In the formula, delta L- pipeline expansion (m);

L- pipe length (mk)

A – linear expansion coefficient, the 6 x 10-5 ~ 8 x10-5 – m/(m · ℃);

Delta t – temperature (℃)