Queuing to pay for a car wash! You can do it yourself for 10 minutes!

Queuing to pay for a car wash! You can do it yourself for 10 minutes!

The usual line car wash, festival plus price car wash car, have already seen strange.

Many car owners simply roll up their sleeves and wash their cars, saving money, saving time and making life more fun.

But it’s best to solve the plumbing problem first, of course, the bucket, the sponge (rag), the car wash

They all have to be ready at the same time.

Household washing nozzle of high pressure spray hose device makes the high pressure water to flush the object surface, the impact of the water is greater than the dirt and surface adhesion, high pressure water will spin out the dirt, wash away, a cleaning equipment to clean the surface of the object.

Household car wash spray hose package also includes necessary accessories such as water pipes, buckets, and polishing cloth. These tools can help you complete a car wash process!

In the absence of direct sun weather to find a more open and place near the water and power supply can use water pipe can also use a bucket of water supply directly from absorbing the water pressure of tap water is normally 2-4 kilograms, 5-6 kilograms of water pressure should be very rare, general nozzle in the 6 kg pressure, longest range could reach more than 10 meters.

It is no problem to flush the freshly stuck mud and dirty rainwater.

When you’re done, do you want to have a high-pressure spray hose device and wash your car yourself?

It’s easy. We can sell it here!